Indigo Readings

About Us

Over the past five years we have delivered readings to people worldwide, helping them to find solutions, be inspired, understand who they are, and, most importantly to evolve on their journey through life.

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Our History

Kirsten Ivatts founded Indigo Readings in 2011 as a Facebook page to share her card reading skills with others. Kirsten had been reading cards for herself and close friends and family for 20 years but had never taken her skill to a wider audience.

She used numerology to pick the name of her new venture, and Indigo Readings became a popular and well visited page.

Indigo Readings has also had past blog sites to share readings, but now, at the ending of this number 9 year, after much change, upheaval and brain storming, this new website is being created. 2017 is a number 1 year, a fresh beginning, and Indigo Readings is changing.

Instead of being a one woman show, Kirsten has trained some new readers to help make Indigo Readings a community. Kirsten’s trainings are not the same as other Oracle Card Courses. Kirsten is an Energist and understands how energy works and interacts with our lives. This knowledge, is added to her courses to help develop the Reader in ways that have previously not been tapped into.

Everyone’s energy is unique, and some energies get on better than others. By having a variety of readers, the hope is that we can offer something for everyone.

Indigo Readings also plans to offer daily reading posts, as is the case on our Facebook page, plus reviews of card decks, and eventually different decks for sale.

Our Vision

Here at Indigo Readings we believe that using such tools as Oracle cards, Tarot cards, Rune stones, or anything else that falls under the Divination heading is just a way to access a part of us, in our deeper being, that has access to more knowledge and wisdom than our every day self. These tools can be used by anyone. The only skill you need is to know how to ask the right questions, and how to TRUST in the answer you are given.

There are a vast range of Oracle cards on the market today, and not all are deeply spiritual. It is now being recognised that these tools can be helpful, and are not ‘Woo, Woo’ at all.

Our vision is to show everyone that help and guidance are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at any hour day or night, whether you are spiritual, or not in the least, by using a deck of cards as a means to access your own innate wisdom, of which we all have ample, but most people don’t know how to reach.

We wish to bring a simple tool to those who would normally never look in this direction. There is nothing strange, creepy, weird, psychic or indeed magical about reading cards to find your answers. Cards are just another self development method, and one that anyone can pick up and use with very little instruction.