Daily Reading for 14th March 2017 – AA Uriel- Friendship

Today’s reading brings guidance from Archangel Uriel, through the Angels of Atlantis deck by Stewart Pearce.


Image of friendship, Archangel Uriel


Uriel – Friendship


The theme of relationships is still strongly with us today. Venus went retrograde on March the 4th and will stay there for 6 weeks, so relationships are going to keep coming up for us to look at over this period.

Archangel Uriel is the Divine Companion angel. He asks us to be aware of friendship today.

As we grow we can leave people behind, and find that new people turn up in our lives that we have more in common with. This is a good thing. It keeps us fresh and in learning mode. The problems arise when we hang on to friendships that are no longer working. Perhaps a friend constantly judges our new ways of thinking or being. Perhaps they become jealous of who we are becoming and attempt to drag us backwards.

Rather than getting angry, or judgemental ourselves, we can instead send love in the direction of old friends, and then end the relationship or distance ourselves from it so that it dwindles away on its own.

There is no need to feel guilty either. Friends, like romantic partners, are here to teach us, and enhance our lives. If they are no longer enhancing our lives it is time to look at why.

Friendship is also something that is part of a romantic relationship. If you are struggling with your partner, and finding it hard to find common ground, take a step back to the friendship that is underneath. Build on the friendship, rather than trying to sort out issues. In this way you are going back to basics and have a clearer foundation.

Of course friendship extends to our relationship with self. So many of us judge ourselves. Would you treat a friend in that way? I am betting you are more likely to give a friend compassion and support when they are going through a rough patch, than you are yourself! Be your own best friend today!



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