Daily Reading for 10th April 2017 – Connections

Today’s card is Conscious Connections from the Sacred Rebel Oracle by Alana Fairchild. The illustrations are by Autumn Sky Morrison.


Image for Conscious Connections


Conscious Connections


Today’s message is about our own reflection. Looking out at our lives from within our body gives us a very limited viewpoint. We see through the lenses of our beliefs, our habits, our culture and our stresses and fears. This is the Ego’s only viewpoint and mostly it does the best it can to create a life out of what it sees.

The Soul however is far less limited. The Soul’s eyes see beyond the physical. The Soul sees all of the connections of energy that are the reality behind our life. The Soul has a far higher viewpoint and its lens offers greater clarity.

So how do you learn to see with the eyes of your Soul? The simplest way is to listen first to your heart. Your heart is an open channel to the Soul. If your situation looks bleak but your heart seems to be unperturbed, then you have a clue here that what the Ego is experiencing is actually a shift to something better. The Soul knows, the Ego is lost in the fog.

At times such as these you must hold on to the calm of your Soul. You must trust that all will work out for the best. You must be conscious of what is really happening and not believe in the picture your Ego can see.



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