Daily Reading for 12th May 2017 – Schumann Resonance

Many of you may have heard about the increased hz of the Schumann Resonance. I added an article earlier today about it on our Indigo Readings Facebook page.

The Heart Math Institute has live data here.

I felt the need for some higher guidance on this and asked which card deck could provide it. The Rumi deck by Alana Fairchild shot its energetic hand in the air! So I asked the question:


What does the spike in the schumann resonance mean for humanity?


Schumann Resonance, Rumi Oracle




I have abolished duality from myself.

I have seen the two worlds as One!

One I seek, One I know,

One I see, and One I call.’


You look for me and what do you see? You! Am I playing games with you? Holding up a mirror for you to behold God? Yes! These are games of Love and Truth. Look for me and find yourself, for I am you and you are me, and together we are one, playing hide and seek in love’s great playground.

~From the accompanying guide book by Alana Fairchild.

This is a great message to get for such a big question! The rise in the Schumann Resonance, which measure the electromagnetic field around the Earth, can be put down to the amount of stress and distress that many are suffering all over the world. Our collective consciousness is seeped in duality at present, and the Chaos in the world seems to be throwing us further into duality, even though many of us now know that this will not serve the purpose of humanity rising into a new dimension.

This card is about Singularity. Although we seem separate from everything else, existing as a small individual in an ocean of others, human, animal, plant spirit and of course the Source itself, this is just an illusion. We are actually all part of this vast whole consciousness that I call Source, some call God. We are as atoms to this beingness, just as we have atoms making up our own physical body.

The ultimate aim of this consciousness is to seek wholeness. There are many ways it can do this. We may fear that the rise in the Schumann Resonance is taking us further from the Singularity, but in fact I am being shown us being pulled, with almost a gravitational force, through something that looks like a wormhole, chaotic in its nature, into the heart of a single point. It’s like a giant inhalation of everything, that is so large that the pressure to exhale is looming strongly.

When this exhale happens, we will be propelled forward to a new level of conscious awareness. I feel that at this new level the electromagnetic field will resonate differently, it will not settle back at 7.8 hz.

This is interesting as the OHM vibration used in meditation will no longer be correct. I don’t know what sound will resonate, but I am being drawn to say it will be the ‘WHO’ sound that vibrates in the lower chest where the unity consciousness resides. Try it to pinpoint where the sound resonates in you.  Take a deep breath in and then on the out breath say whooooo.

There is nothing at all to fear. This is in fact measured proof that the Earth and her inhabitants are changing their energy field to something new. It is exciting even if we don’t know how things will all end up once the electromagnetic field settles once more.


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