Daily Reading for 13th March 2017 – Sacred Union

Today’s card is from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck by Colette Baron Reid.


Image of sacred Union


The Sacred union


What a time our relationships are having in this Venus Retrograde! If you read the Weekend Reading you will remember it was all about relationships. The full moon definitely brought a lot of things to a head in my twin flame relationship on Sunday, things that need to come out and be let go of so that the relationship can grow further. This is what the Venus Retrograde has been offering us and I feel this full moon was the culminating point.

And now today we get the card for The Sacred Union! You couldn’t plan this better.

This card is here to tell us it is time to really deepen our commitments to others, even to the point of marriage. If commitment scares you today is the day to look at why, and try and take steps to heal.

Sometimes commitment is scary because we are simply with the wrong person, but more often it is because we fear something that commitment brings. Is this something to do with security?

This card doesn’t have to involve romantic relationships. Commitment is important in any relationship. And the same applies as above. If committing bothers you, then look at why.

Lastly this card can also refer to the sacred union between body and soul, soul and the divine. Your Soul is asking you a question, and it wants you to commit to an answer. You may feel you are being pushed in a direction that you are not sure about, yet every step you take still leads you down the same path. This is your Soul trying to get your attention. You are being shown the way forward, now you must look at why you are reluctant to take this route. Fear is there to show you what needs confronting, healing, and or letting go of. Do it today!

The Soul is being guided after all, by the hand of the Divine. You cannot see all that your life entails. It is time to trust that the Divine/Universe/God is doing all it can to help you through a deep committed love.

It is your turn to LOVE back in just as deep and committed a way.


Kirsten Ivatts

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