Daily Reading for 15th March 2017 – Opportunity

Today you are asked to grab opportunity whenever it presents itself!

Angel of Jupiter Awaken is from the Journey of Love Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild, with artwork by Rassouli and poetry by Richard Cohn.


Image of Angel of Jupiter Awaken- Opportunity


Angel of Jupiter Awaken


There is more to life!

There is more of YOU to LIVE!

Your Soul is trying to expand and break free of the confines that life has seemingly created for you. Of course, you have created the confines and limits yourself. In reality you can expand in any and all directions. All that is stopping you is a belief that what you really desire is not possible.

Yet still you feel that uncomfortable, unsettling energy within. That energy that won’t allow you to just settle and relax, won’t allow you to think straight. You can’t decide if its excitement, exhilaration, or some weird virus!

Your Soul knows the time is right to grab opportunity now, as it presents itself. Change is at hand, and with change comes a little chaos. But those weird internal feelings show that this chaos is something to be excited about! Do not fear it. Embrace it!

Imagine this. Your Soul is having a growth spurt. It has been hunched up for a while now, trying to fit into a life that is too small for it. But no more. Your Soul is stretching, like a seedling bursting forth from the fresh new Earth. Life on the outside has to change to fit the new you. Things and people and places may well be left behind. Probably a few of those friends we talked about yesterday will disappear.

What you are growing into is so much more satisfying than what you are leaving behind. It will satiate that hunger that has been gnawing at you for so long.



Awake in your arms,

I wait to stop time

Savouring each moment for an eternity.

Like and Angel you light the room

Your love is giving life

To the love I’ve held within.

Unbridled and free

Our dreams unfold

And we are forever changed.

Richard Cohn


Kirsten Ivatts


Featured Reading

Image by Rassouli Journey of Love Oracle

Todays featured Reading uses the Journey of Love Oracle Card Deck and is intuited for you by Kirsten Ivatts.

We are all on this Journey of Love, trying to find our way back home to the heart. I have designed a very simple reading for this.


Where you stand at this moment
What action is needed to move forward
What is hidden that you need to be aware of
The heart of the matter.


All my readings are delivered as a pdf to your email address. They have full colour pictures of your cards for use as meditation aids and a lot of love built in as I write!

Why not gift yourself this step up on to the Journey of Love?


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