Daily Reading For 15th May 2017 – Stop Trying

Sometimes we just have to stop trying so hard. The message today comes as a challenge from the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron Reid.


Image of Magic Stream, Stop Trying, Enchanted Map Oracle


Magic Stream Reversed


When cards in this deck are reversed they act as challengers. The magic stream is the connection to ease, where we slip into the correct current of life that takes us easily and effortlessly to where we are meant to go next.

We are being warned that we may be trying to swim against the current at present. Sometimes this can be a good thing, and take you where you need to go. But at present it is just causing strain, stress and exhaustion. This magic stream can take us to our destination if we just go with it, and relax.

The problem most people are encountering is one of feeling that the direction they are being pushed into going, is the wrong one. It may look like the stream of life is taking you way off course.

We must remember that streams and rivers never flow in a straight line. They meander around the biggest hurdles, take us past beautiful scenery that we would miss out on if we took a direct route, and, if we just allow the stream to carry us, rather than getting there under our own steam, we will find that we arrive at our destination far quicker, feeling refreshed and ready to do whatever comes next.

Of course you can choose to fight the current and take a more direct route, over mountains and through bogs, keeping the destination always in front of you. But you will find that the magic stream offers a far easier journey.

You just need to relax and trust.



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