Daily Reading for 18th May 2017 – Inner Child

Image of inner child natures whispers oracle


Today we are asked to let our Inner Child come to the surface and lead the way! What a beautiful image this is from Josephine Wall. The card deck is Natures Whispers by Angela Hartfield.


Maintain Your Childlike Spirit.


Young children are amazing to watch. They live in the moment, totally engrossed in whatever is in front of them. They believe (if no one tells them otherwise) that the world is their oyster. Most children have no concept of safety, believing that the world is for exploration and discovery and nothing can stand in the way of that. My little girl has always hugged people, even before they said hello. Many are overwhelmed by such a show of love and contact, and she has made countless people smile by doing this and broken any boundaries that they had.

It often makes me sigh, how wise our children are, and how quickly the world changes them. We, as parents focus on what can harm them, what they need to be warned about, what they can’t do….and this is understandable…


imagine a world where children grew up never having to hide away their curiosity and innocence. Imagine a world where the world really was their oyster.

Within each of us that child still exists behind many walls and experiences. Most of us don’t know our life purpose because it is hidden with that child.

She knows what you came here to do. And she is frustrated that you tell her to be quiet and let her know that having fun is only for certain situations, that curiosity killed the cat, and that exploration is a timely pursuit and time is lacking. How can she possible fulfil her purpose when she isn’t allowed to do all the things that would reveal it?

So today, we are asked to let the inner girl and the inner boy come out to play. Whatever you are faced with, ask them how they would handle it. Let them have a say.

Your inner child is wiser than you know.






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