Daily Reading for 19th May 2017 – Yearnings

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Do you believe that you can have what you Yearn for? Or do you think that your inner Yearnings are impossible dreams?

Today’s card is from the Sacred Rebel Oracle by Alana Fairchild with paintings by Autumn Skye Morrison.


What You Want Wants You.


Our poor heart yearns for so much that we do not have. It is crippled by conditioning, judgement, and negative experience. Yet the laws of Quantum Physics show us that we create our own reality by focus. What we focus on, we give our energy to, and energy is the creative medium of this Universe.

When we focus on something we begin to bring it into form. But there is a catch. We are not Masters of the Universe, and so cannot see how this is possible and what cogs are turning in which areas to bring our yearnings into being. We have to trust that we can attract what we desire. And that is not an easy task!

So today we are asked to think about what we desire most. Then we are asked to look at all the negatives that come up around actually getting that desire. If we can see that these negatives are a consequence of upbringing, society, other people’s judgements and perceptions, and are not actually real at all, we can begin to untangle our yearnings from the energetic blocks that stop them from materialising.

We can start FEELING how it feels to be free of these blocks, and then feeling how it feels to have the very thing that we yearn for. We do not have to settle for second best. The Universe will always show us our worth, it is just up to us to create what we are truly worthy of. The Universe just is. It is like a big tub of playdoh, or a giant lump of clay, and we get to play with it however we choose.

If I were you I would ditch the monsters and start playing with Unicorns!



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