Daily Reading for 20th March 2017 – Emergence

Todays Reading is very aptly about Emergence. Today marks the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, at 10.29 am GMT. The card is drawn from the Earth Magic Oracle by Steven Farmer.


Image of Emergence


Dragonfly – emergence


How apt to receive this card today on the Spring Equinox. Spring is about the emergence of life, after the long dark winter months.

Everything is in a period of growth, and the beginnings of creativity, including us. Even if you are not aware of your connection to the seasons, this year heralds the emergence of a new energy, pushing us upwards and outwards, away from our limited way of seeing our lives, into something more expansive.

Many have felt this stirring. It has brought with it some drama and some chaos. This is just you pushing through the dark and stagnant mud in the bottom of the pond. Imagine that this fertile mud is your old life. It has created who you are today, but now you are ready to break free of its grip, and emerge as the real you. The real you is so much more beautiful!

Sometimes that grip of the old can be strong. Fighting against it can just tighten that grip. If you are finding it hard to let go of who you were, and to be who you ARE, imagine you are this dragonfly. You are light, delicate and beautiful. You can fly! Imagine that there is nothing for the old to hold on to. Instead there are gossamer wings that will take you wherever you desire to go. Rather than fighting, just slip away.

Today’s weather here in the Derbyshire Peak District, is grey, rainy, and we have snow forecast! Yet Spring is still very much in evidence, not only in the courting Pheasants, puffing themselves up as they parade around my garden, but in the primroses, daffodils, the emerging leaf buds and the bright yellow Forsythia. I can smell it in the air, and I can feel it in my bones. My energy is lighter, brighter, and ready for action!

Go out and look for signs of Spring where you live. It is very uplifting, and will help you to have the energy to fly clear of that mud, and become the new you.


NOTE: For all of you reading this in the Southern Hemisphere, experiencing the Autumnal Equinox today, the cards meaning is still relevant to you. As a whole humanity is climbing out of the mud and evolving into a higher state of being. This is happening on a personal and a collective level.


Happy Equinox, where ever you may be,




Wendy Birse has some readings that can help you through the Chaos. The Challenges Reading can be a help when that mud just won’t let you go!

A Challenge grows out of past circumstances, darkens your present experience and creates uncertainty and even fear around the future.  A three card reading may bring you understanding and clarity, and empower you to rise to the Challenge with confidence.

Challenges Reading Image Into The Unknown

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