Daily Reading for 21st March 2017 – 8 of Earth

Today’s card is the 8 of Earth from the Angel Tarot Card Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


Image for 8 of Earth


8 of Earth


In a traditional Tarot deck this card would be the 8 of Pentacles. The Angel Tarot Cards use the elements as suits, and I like how that corresponds to the cards.

Today we are looking at our material existence. The down to Earth presence of THINGS and MONEY. The number 8 is a number of regeneration, and in this card it is associated with learning.

The message here is simple.

What do you need to learn more about in order to regenerate your material life, and in particular your finances? 

Learning can mean researching a subject or it can mean taking a course. It may be asking you to look at what information you do not have that could improve your life, and your career.

In extreme cases this card is telling you it is time to start afresh in your career, retraining to do something completely new.

The 8 of Earth points to someone who works hard, some one skilled in what they do, a craftsperson.

Be aware of making things harder for yourself through a lack of knowledge. It is very easy to blame a job for your feelings of dissatisfaction, when in fact, if you just used your talents more wisely, or brushed up on your skills, you would create a better work environment for yourself and your pay would be more likely to reflect your input.


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