Daily Reading For 22nd May 2017 – New Beginnings

New beginnings image natures whispers oracle


Today’s message is about new beginnings….at last! Perhaps the new moon is already energising us. The card deck today is Natures Whispers Oracle by Angela Hartfield with illustrations by Josephine Wall.


New Experiences and Possibilities


Have you felt it, this morning, a change in the air? A change in your attitude? A flood of ideas or inspiration?

I most definitely have and this card has come along to confirm it. We have all felt stuck for so long, the Universe has taken a long inhale, and then held it’s breath.

But now, very slowly it is beginning to exhale once more. The signs are subtle but they are there. Look around you and become aware.

We are back at that blank page stage, a new beginning, fresh as a spring morning dew. What do you want to write on the page this time around? What do you wish to create now?

Perhaps you don’t even know what you want…but of course we all want happiness. So write that on your page today…I want happiness….and feel it within you, bubbling just below the surface. If possible open the door so that happiness can flood through your whole being, for no particular reason other than that is what you want to feel.

New beginnings give us a chance to start again, to let go of the old ways of doing things that don’t work, and embrace something different. The New Moon on the 25th May, is in Gemini. It is also a super moon. Look at new ways of communicating who you are to the world, and to yourself. Your words and thoughts are super powerful. Make sure they create a space for the real you to emerge.



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