Daily Reading for 23rd April 2017- Understanding Terrorist Attacks

Yesterday there was another terrorist attack in Europe. This one was closer to home for me, Westminster in London. Four people died and many were injured. One of the dead was the perpetrator. Normally I don’t look at normal news channels, preferring Positive News. It made me sad.

In an attempt to bring us to some understanding, so that we can hold love in our hearts and not hatred, that just fuels the negative energy more, I decided to ask the cards today for help in understanding terrorist attacks.

I was drawn to The Anubis Oracle, a deck I only usually use for my own soul development. The deck is by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf and is illustrated by Kris Waldherr. It takes you deep into the Egyptian Neteru. I was expecting one of the Gods to turn up, but instead it was an element.


Image of The Nile Card


The Nile is the earthly reflection of the Milky Way, linking heaven and Earth, as above, so below. Without the Nile life in Egypt would be virtually non existent, and the rich ancient culture would never have occurred. The Nile Valley is a contrast of life and death, fertility and barren desert, abundance and desolation.

And in those words lies the key to understanding these terrorist attacks. Behind the religious basis, the real problem stems from the negative emotions that have been growing for many years between our culture in the West and the very different cultures of countries under IS control. The contrasts of abundance, and desolation, fertility and barren desert are all there. And if you look deeper into the past, at this region of the world, as it once was, rich in culture, and material riches, the abundance of the past, is in sharp contrast to the present for ordinary people.

Religion, like politics, is a way for those that are really suffering, to the point of intense rage and hatred, to control the masses and stir up negative reaction.

But it all stems from emotion, the water of our own body. It all stems from a lack. A lack of LOVE in its truest form.

And we Westerners are no better. Many are full of anger and rage at what the terrorists put us through, forgetting what we have put their countries through in the past centuries, often using religion to control, just as religion is the controlling force now.

I see a vision of Western culture being the slim green and abundant land around the Nile, and the rest of the World is the barren surrounding desert. It makes me realise just how lucky we are.

It is obvious that if the green abundance spread into this desert, people would be happier. Instead of the greed and power based culture we live in, the seemingly impossible Utopia of sharing the riches of the World with all, is the right way forward.

I am not naive however. It is going to take many years before any such thing is obvious. Perhaps thousands of years, who knows. But the chaotic nature of terrorism and its aftermath is surely a clue to the unravelling of the old ways and the eventual reforming of a new Earth.

We must attempt, those of us who are aware, to disengage our emotional responses from the sad and negative, and instead try to understand all sides in this pointless battle of power that the majority of people on all sides are against. And with that understanding, we can then begin to LOVE. We might not be able to LOVE an individual who hurts many, not at first. But we can LOVE a people that are so full of anger and hate (on both sides!) that they cannot see clearly that there is always another way.

We can remember that everyone starts out life as a baby, and it is experience that shapes the child. We can remember that most babies are created and brought into life surrounded by LOVE. And we can remember that when we die all of us return to the consciousness that is LOVE.

We can remember to be LOVE. Because if even the few of us that are connected through this site can do that. We will make a difference to the overall energy that affects the planet.

Offer out LOVE today, even if you can’t feel it yet. Words hold power.

Say ‘I LOVE YOU’, to your reflection in the mirror. Do it a few times.

Then imagine your family, your community, your town, the people attempting to run your country, your country as a whole, your continent, the planet, and to each say, ‘I LOVE YOU.’

It is all most of us can do to help.



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