Daily Reading For 23rd May 2017 – Grounding

Image of Tree- Grounding Earth Magic Oracle


Today’s message is about Grounding and comes from the Earth Magic Oracle by Steven Farmer.

Last night England suffered another terrorist attack in Manchester. The energy of such an event hits us all, on an emotional level, and the more aware and sensitive you are the more likely you are to be feeling emotions that are not your own.

The emotions of those involved in the attack, as well as all of those who have read, or heard or seen footage of the attack since, all ripple outwards, carried on the Universal energy. We ARE that energy, how can we not feel the residue of the emotions of others, especially when so many are feeling the same thing, amplifying fear, sadness, grief, anger and confusion.

Every time such an event occurs in the world, those of us who are aware and sensitive to the Universal energy should take some time to ground ourselves. Think of it like this. Electromagnetic energy is zooming around in a stressed state, charged with negative emotions. We must be the lightning rod that allows that energy to Earth where it can dissipate safely.

We can do this in many ways, and here are a few;

  • Meditation, particular outdoors, where you feel like you are drawing energy in through the crown chakra and out through the root chakra into the Earth. See it dissipate, as it goes deeper.
  • Contemplation outdoors, bare footed.
  • Doing mundane jobs, like cleaning the house or gardening
  • Walking outdoors
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Walking near water, or meditating

By grounding the energy in this way we are taking some of the intensity away and helping our own energy system in the process, to be stronger and more able to repel the intensity.

Grounding strengthens us. It gives us our roots so that we stand tall and steady on the Earth.

So go out and be tree like today!


Prayers are being sent to all of those who are suffering today all over the world, for whatever reason.



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