Daily Reading for 24th May 2017 – Thoth

Image of Thoth from the Anubis Oracle


Today Thoth has a message for us with the help of the Anubis Oracle by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf.




Thoth brings us a message about communication which is very apt, as the new moon rises tomorrow in Gemini.

We communicate with others daily, but very rarely do we hold awareness of what we are actually communicating. We allow our brains to say words that might not actually be the correct ones to really convey meaning.

Try today to think before speaking. Be aware of what you really want to say, before you say it. In this way the correct words, intonations and body language will be transmitted to the other person as well as the correct energy vibration that will resonate in their energy field as even greater understanding. This applies to he written word too.

Thoth is credited with creating the art of language, and it really is an art to ARTiculate yourself correctly. Allow his wisdom and enlightenment to come through in all forms of communication.

Associated with the Moon, Thoth is a great light in the darkness. Embody that light and try to lift your language into a positive form. Be aware of when and where you use phraseology that is negative. Try to train yourself to say something different.

For instance if you say, ‘I am an idiot,’ try saying instead, ‘I will try again differently.’

You can lift your whole vibration just by speaking words that are more positive. With practice the brain will remember to use the positive phrases instead of the negative ones.




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