Daily Reading for 27th April – Untamed

Image The Untamed.


Goddess freya & Amber – The Untamed


Today’s card is from the Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild. The Goddess Freya takes up her Amber staff today in defiance, and asks us to listen to our wild beating hearts and become the Untamed Soul that defies all conventions to live by her own rules.

I have always struggled with rules and regulations, because my Soul strives for freedom. Over the last few months this struggle has become an everyday battle, a constant irritation. Where ever I look, there are rules blocking human beings from being themselves. And I AM ANGRY! The Amber fires up my creative forces and asks me to be creative with this anger, but all I want to do is run and hide, and totally unplug from the heaviness of the chains society uses to control.

I feel these chains in education, healthcare, the workplace, local and national government, world politics. I even feel them at a local community level, because, although I KNOW I am not what others think I should be, at the same time I live in a society where it is the norm to think that the limitations put on us are just what we have to put up with to live.

I know there are many people reading this today who feel the same. You may feel this in a slight way or, like me, in a way that makes me want to roar, and scream and run down the streets shouting

‘What are you doing to yourselves?’

And today Freya is coaxing our wild untamed side out into the open in an even bigger way, and asking us to look at how we can live with a foot in the 3D world of limitation, fear and lack, and a foot in the 5D reality of compassion, freedom and abundance.

My immediate reaction is to unplug completely, and if I lived alone I would have done that long ago. I would not be sitting here typing a message for you today.

But I know that I have things that must be said. And I know I have to find a way to allow the Untamed Woman inside me to have her say in a less aggressive and more compassionate way.

So I must learn some balance, spend as much time as possible in the 5D reality, and build up my strengths there, so that the 3D world isn’t so burdensome. And you can do that too.

Amber is made from fossilised tree resin. It Earths us, stabilizing and clearing our energy system. It lifts us out of the despair that this society can bring to us, and offers us the sunshine of a time when the planet was much warmer than it is today. It reminds us of our ancestry on this Earth, and how we are such a small part of a far larger system. It’s presence can be humbling and sustaining.

Today I suggest you hunt some out and have it with you for those times when someone attempts to tame your wild spirit with the chains of a dying society.




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