Daily Reading for 3rd April 2017 – Volatility

Today’s card is Volatility – Volcano, from the Earth Magic Oracle by Steven D Farmer.

I apologise for a lack of readings last week. I have had a bout of flu and spent the week in bed. Thank you to all those who sent healing and well wishes.


Volatility- image of volcano.


Volcano – Volatility


This card literally flew out of the deck this morning in a volatile manner! I picked it up and reshuffled to make sure it was the correct card. When I cut the deck, there it was again.

The goddess Pele is associated with Volcanoes. She dwells in the crater of Kilauea, in Hawaii. Pele is known as a goddess who creates new land. Volcanoes of course form land by erupting.

We often think of volatility as a negative emotion, but from Pele we can see that by getting rid of that which is causing us irritation, or anger we gain new ground.

So today look at what needs to be said, even if you know it will offend others. Look at what has been bothering you, in the background, that you have pushed back out of sight, but not out of mind. Until you can have your mini eruption and let this go, it will continue to eat away at you until you eventually throw it all out in anger.

It will come out, one way or another. Sometimes emotions that are not cleared cause us to take on beliefs that we otherwise would never have glanced at. They can cause us physical problems.

It is never wise not to speak up, even if others don’t like what you have to say…and even if you know you are probably wrong! It is better to let things out while you have some semblance of control, rather than it coming out in a torrent of rage. Clearing the air gives you much firmer foundations to go forward from.

Also be aware of the volatility of others today. Don’t take it personally. They are just venting too. It is healthy to do so. Let them say what they need to say and, if needs be, have your say too. Then move on.




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