Daily Reading for 3rd May 2017 – Deep Freeze

Image of Deep Freeze, Enchanted map Oracle


Today’s message is Deep Freeze from the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron Reid.

The card was drawn in reverse which indicates it is a challenge for us.

When deep freeze grips nature everything pauses and is held in silent beauty. We witness a moment in time as we stare at a flowerbud half opened, gripped in icy splendour. Nothing can be done to this flowerbud, other than to await the thawing process that will allow it to then carry on its life cycle. If we try to break the ice the flower will break, and die.

We are all gripped in a deep freeze right now, even if outside Spring has arrived. While we may feel the Earth’s fertility urging new growth and creative expression, we are challenged by a time where nothing seems to be happening for us. This causes irritation and frustration as we feel in contrast to the world around us.

What we cannot see though, is that there is an awful lot going on beneath the surface. Just as those potatoes you planted in the garden are not yet breaking through the soil, although you know they are sprouting and growing underneath, we too are not ready yet to break through and show ourselves to the world.

It may be hard to sit still and not force something to happen, but at this moment, there is nothing we can do to create, other than to sit in stillness and marvel at the beauty around us.


Kirsten .


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