Daily Reading for 4th April 2017 – Rock Bottom

Today’s card is Rock Bottom from the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron Reid.

Image of rock bottom


Rock Bottom


Someone close to me has just hit rock bottom. It’s a hard place to be in. Nothing makes sense, life seems too hard, the brain goes into meltdown. As an Energist I would recognise this as a very low energy state where the person is in need of help, support and most of all LOVE.

But there is hope…even if it is hard to see at first. When you get to the lowest point you can reach, you stop. There is solid ground there, even if from your perspective it seems to be more like shifting sands. This is the ground that Pele created in yesterdays volatile volcanic eruption.

From here the most important thing to do is to know that there is always help available. If you do only one thing…ASK FOR HELP. Nobody is meant to go it alone. Life is not about that. Humans are social animals and need interaction to be happy.

Even if it seems you are in a mire that you cannot get out of, there is always a way. It is easier, and quicker to start the climb back up with other people supporting you.

And if you have someone close to you who is suffering in this way, please, remember you need help and support too. Be kind to both of you and ASK FOR HELP.

It may be a long haul to climb back out of the pit, or it may only look that way when you are standing at the bottom. But it is possible, and as the journey back begins you will find the sides begin to look less steep and hope becomes available once more.



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