Daily Reading for 4th May 2017 – Athena

Image of Athena Goddess Guidance Cards


athena – inner wisdom


Today’s card, Athena, comes from a deck I have had for a very long time, The Goddess Guidance Deck by Doreen Virtue. This deck first introduced me to the Divine Feminine rising in our lives, back in 2005. This deck predicted the date of my daughters birth (three weeks early so of course I didn’t believe it until it happened!) It inspired my launch of Indigo Readings in 2011 and has helped me with countless readings for a great many people. If you are new to reading cards this is a great first deck!

Today Athena tells us to trust our inner wisdom. So often we question our gut feelings and don’t act on them. We don’t BELIEVE that we know best for our own lives.

How disempowering a belief!

More and more, as our Soul integrates into our daily lives, we get inner nudges and knowings that are correct for us. Athena wishes us to know that we need to start acting on our wisdom without delay!

Athena was, for a long time a Goddess of war and wisdom. Her warfare now is in the art of bringing the Divine feminine to life, in a 5D form that uses Compassionate wisdom as its sword.

Where there is conflict in your life you will find the solution within you, and not externally. The solution may not fit in with what others think or feel. It may seem weird, or off the wall, but act on it any way. The results will be exactly what you are needing.



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