Daily Reading for 5th April 2017 – Breakthrough

Today’s card is Breakthrough, from the Natures Whispers Deck by Angela Hartfield and illustrated by Josephine Wall.

Image for Breakthrough card




The image on this card has so much energy…I love it. There is a feeling of freedom and transformation.

I could do with a bit of that myself right now! How about you?

A breakthrough is on its way to you today. It may come as a massive AHA moment, or you may only get a subtle nudge in the right direction for now.

It may be that a long awaited piece of news arrives, allowing for you to move forward, or that a change you have been waiting for, just happens!

Imagine that you are a seed, just beginning to breakthrough the surface of the soil. You can’t see much around you yet, you must grow a little first, but you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

Allow your creativity to help boost yourself forward now and leave any fears behind in the soil. They will act as fertilizer for your growth spurt, which must be on its way soon.



Highlighted reading

Today’s highlighted reading is  the Life Path Reading by Wendy Bee.

Life path reading angel image

This is an in depth Life path reading using seven cards. It is useful for discovering where you are on your life path and where you might go from here. Wendy will choose the Cards she is drawn to for you. Please ask for guidance rather than a question that would give a yes or no answer.


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