Daily Reading for 6th April 2017 – Water Dragon

Today’s card is from the Druid Animal Oracle by Phillip and Stephanie Carr Gomm. The beautiful illustrations in this deck are by Will Worthington.

image of water dragon - Druid animal Oracle


Water Dragon

Passion, Depth, Connection

The Water Dragon brings that which is hidden into the light of day. This could be old memories, emotions or dreams that you have repressed, now emerging from the unconscious. They may leave you feeling overwhelmed or anxious, but they can’t be repressed any longer. They have come to the surface for a reason and the Water Dragon has come to help you to deal with them once and for all.

What was hidden could also be something that someone has hidden from you, that now they feel the need to tell, or that comes to light through other means. What is important here is to take the view that everyone concerned should be dealt with in a compassionate manner so that healing can begin.

Dragons are powerful allies to have. The cards in the Druid Animal Oracle have illustrations that can be used for meditation. Give this a try.

Step into the image and sit on the rocks. How do they feel? Explore them with your hands.

Smell the sea air and hear the sea birds above. Listen to the lap of the waves. The ocean is calm, but the sky looks grey as if a powerful storm may be on the horizon.

The Water Dragon suddenly emerges from the depths. She is close to you, but you are not afraid. If you want to she will let you touch her scales.

Ask her for help in releasing repressed emotions and memories. The way she helps will be particular to you. She may take you with her to her lair, or she may tell you a story, or even sing to you. What happens will be correct for you.

Releasing anything that is repressed can bring up emotions. The Water Dragon will support you as you release them into the great ocean.


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