Daily Reading For 6th June 2017- Abundance

Today’s message is about ABUNDANCE!


Image of Uriel, Abundance, Angels of atlantis oracle.


I adore getting this card. The image is amazing and it feels so gentle and loving. Archangel Uriel comes to us with this message from the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Deck by Stewart Pearce.

The Orbs in the images on these cards hold a vibrational energy that you can use to meditate with, and I would highly recommend it.

Abundance means plentifulness. Today you are assured that abundance is flowing to you. In fact it is all around you at any given moment, a bit like the air that you breathe. Problems with plentifulness arise when our perception of our world shows us lack.

In reality there is no lack, but there is often a problem in how to tap into the flow of abundance, and notice it in our lives.

There are many manifestation programs on the market, making the people who run them loads of cash! So they obviously do work…. but you don’t need them. It is very simple to tap into the flow of abundance, but rather like meditation, it takes some practice.


What stands in the way of Abundance?


  • Culture and Social Conditioning
  • Family Values
  • Emotional blocks created through past experience including past lives
  • Mental blocks created by emotional blocks
  • Trust and self worth issues


What to Do About It


The best way to begin to tap into the flow of abundance in your life is to become present. Be aware of what actually IS, rather than what your mind is telling you.

  • Notice what is plentiful in your life, even if it is only a pile of laundry! It’s still abundance, just not the type you would like. Notice it and thank it for being there. It means you have people around you.
  • Say thank you every time you notice abundance, even on a tiny scale, such as picking up a penny from the ground. Over time try and add an emotional response to this thankfulness so that you are changing your vibration to one that is more accepting and receiving. It is the emotional resonance that is important here. The words on their own are not enough.
  • Visualise each day something that evokes the feeling of plenty for you. Remember abundance is not just about finances.
  • Try and notice the aspects of you that are focusing on lack. Speak to them, reassure them, love them into wholeness.
  • Be aware of inner nudges that you might normally ignore. They are usually your inner compass pointing you in the right direction.
  • If you feel down, don’t avoid it. Find out why, and if you can’t stand back and see the bigger picture and know it will pass.


Getting your vibration to match the vibration of abundance is how you tap into the flow. It will work some days, and some days it won’t. But keep practicing! Practice really helps and as you notice more and more abundance in your life it will become easier to trust and believe that lack is just another perception.



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