Daily Reading for 6th March 2017- Natures Whispers Deck

The Natures Whispers Oracle Card Deck by Angela Hartfield is full of beautiful Josephine Wall images that you could sit and look at, or even jump into, and while away hours!

Natures Whispers Oracle Cards Image


be your best self always

Today’s card is a reminder that we are what we think. In other words, if you focus on feeling down, you will be down! If you focus on feeling happy, even if you don’t feel 100%, you will begin to feel better, and be open to any healing coming your way.

Sometimes life is hard. We drown in emotions, and stress clouds the waters further, so that our best self is either lost in the gloom or seems so far away that it is unreachable.

If you feel like this today and don’t know where to look to even begin to find your best self, then Nature’s Whispers are essential! Try and get out doors. Make a point of really breathing in some fresh air, and taste it too! If you can, go barefoot and feel the Earth beneath your feet. Soak up the energy, feeling it tingle as it flows up your legs.

Walk by water if possible. Let the sounds of birds, wind, rain, insects, all be a balm for your stressed out mind and body.

And slowly, let it all drop away…the Earth is always ready to receive your negative energies and give you positives in return.

Are you beginning to find your best self now? Can you glimpse her? She is smiling, waving and beckoning you to come and play.

I urge you to take her up on her offer.


Today’s reading featured Natures Whispers Oracle deck, with card interpretation by Kirsten Ivatts.



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