Daily Reading for 7th April 2017 – Garlic

Today’s card is GARLIC from the Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr Gomm. The illustrations are by Will Worthington.

Image of Garlic - Druid Plant Oracle


Wild Garlic

Purification, Flavour, Exotic

The Garlic in this card is the Wild Garlic or Bear’s Ransom that it native to Britain. The type of garlic we use in cooking originated in Siberia and was probably brought to Britain with the Romans. The woods in this picture are in Snowdonia in Wales.

In spring time the smell of garlic fills damp woodlands, and its emerald green leaves and bright white flowers put on a show to match the Bluebells. Ransom can be eaten. The young leaves have quite a kick and are lovely in salads or wilted like spinach in stir fries or with pasta and rice. The exotic flavour of garlic adds a potent kick or flavour to our food.

Garlic has other properties of a more medicinal nature. It is an antiseptic and an antibiotic. It is known to purify the blood, act as an antioxidant, support the adrenal glands, maintain heart health and reduce high blood pressure.

The appearance of this card today may be asking you to look at your health, and start to take steps to change your eating and drinking habits.

But I also think there is a deeper metaphor here. The US air strikes on Syria, as a counter attack to alleged chemical warfare by Syria on its own people, is another news story that shows those in power are still intent on using aggression as a way to fight aggression. Reading or hearing such stories can affect our emotions, mental state and energy, and make us feel down.

Garlic has long been used as protection against negative energies, (spirits, vampires and dark magic). It is said to ward off these energies and offers protection. When we hear news stories about anything that is negative we have to be prepared to offer ourselves this protection and turn off anything that bombards us with tragedy.

It is enough to know what is happening. The details are not needed. What IS needed is prayer, love, positivity sent to all sides in any conflict.

So remove the media, but add something positive…LOVE, friendship, prayer, meditation. Do something to help the situation rather than worsening it by feeling bad yourself. This requires little effort and isn’t draining. Ploughing through Media news feeds is draining and soul destroying. DON’T DO IT!

If you are finding it hard to switch off from anything negative in your life try stepping into the Ash woodland in this card. Let all your senses join you as you explore its cool and inviting freshness.

And perhaps eat Garlic today!



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