Daily Reading for 7th March 2017- Sandalphon

Todays Reading comes from the Angels of Atlantis Deck by Stewart Pearce. I hope it resonates with you. If so you can leave a comment here, or on Twitter or Facebook.


Sandalphon Image Planetary Cycles


Sandalphon- Planetary Cycles

I was once asked by someone how it was possible for planets, so far away to influence life on Earth, and my response was immediate: The energy system that holds together this Universe and everything in it is interconnected. It isn’t possible for other planets to NOT affect us. The energy here on Earth is a part of the dance of the Universe, and we are also a part of this dance.

Today Archangel Sandalphon asks us to be aware that how we are feeling can be affected by things outside of us, as well as by things inside of us. We are often told that our world is created within us, and while this is correct, we cannot forget that we are within a larger and complex structure. Our inner world affects this structure, and can make it more or less pleasant to live in, but equally it works the other way around too.

As within, So without.

So don’t judge yourself if events around you are not going to plan. Don’t apportion blame to others either. You may be doing all you can to feel good on the inside, to see the love in the world, rather than the chaos, but still outer events may not be living up to your expectations.

You are asked to be patient, and to wisely understand that you are not doing all of this alone. The planets, stars and unseen energies within the Universe are all working together to create this world. All you can do, is be the best person you can be and understand that not everything is your fault!

It is also good to be aware that planets influence us physically. I won’t give a long list of ailments to you here, because everyone responds differently depending on their own energy system, but if you are feeling not quite yourself, rest, go outside, or do what ever else you can to feel better.

Yesterday I was reminded of just how beautiful and amazing our own solar system is by this video of Space Sounds recorded by NASA. Give it a listen. It is the most beautiful meditation music, and all natural.


Kirsten Ivatts.

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One thought on “Daily Reading for 7th March 2017- Sandalphon

  1. Wendy Birse Reply

    I drew an archangel card for myself today, from a different deck – and it was Sandalphon – reminding me that I receive Gifts from God. Exactly what you’re saying, Kirsten – the energy of the universe influences, supports, nourishes and empowers us – endlessly.

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