Daily Reading For 8th June 2017 – 10 of Wands

Today I have drawn a card from one of my more traditional Tarot decks, The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. 

10 of wands the Gilded tarot


The Ten of Wands relates to your career or social aspects of your life. Wands are a Firey suit, and tend to be passionate and go getting. The number ten is the number of completion, leading to a fresh start.

So today we have a card that indicates the completion or ending of a phase in your work life, or in aspects of your social life. In particular I feel that you have before you the final push or hurdle to complete, before you have the chance for a fresh start.

The man here is carrying a heavy burden, all 10 wands, but he is determined and doesn’t seem to be overly struggling even though the wands are obviously heavy. He is at that point where the moon is setting and the sun is rising, a point of change. The deer watch on, offering their regal strength to his efforts.

You are assured that the effort you put in today will be worth it. You will accomplish what you set out to do. And positive change or a fresh start will be your reward.

In the UK we are voting in a General Election today. It feels like a burden when all options to vote for seem to offer little competence. People are sick of the way politics is run, the way politicians behave, and the lies and deceptions. Yet some party has to run the country, or be ‘in power’ as they call it.

But the finishing line in this election campaign is in sight. Whoever wins, tomorrow is a new day in British politics with Brexit negotiations looming. And we have to stay happy, whether we agree with the outcome or not. We have to remain positive that social change is happening, even if all looks chaotic. Because that is the only way we all win.




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