Daily Reading For 8th March 2017- Signs

Look out for signs today!

This card comes from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle card deck by Colette Baron-Reid. This is a special deck for me as I received it one Christmas from a friend who was a great Psychic, Kerry Jubb. She passed over soon after, but I always feel her energy when using these cards.


Image of the Hawk Prince Signs




The Hawk Prince comes at a time when we need to pay attention to the signs that are being offered to us.

Have you been asking for help to see something clearly, or to know what direction you must go in? The Hawk Prince asks you to be more aware. Signs can come to us in many different ways.

These ways may be physical in nature; songs, words in books, something somebody says to you. You may contract an illness, or an injury, both of which point to an extreme message to look after yourself.

They may also come as a sudden realisation, a dream, or you may feel that you ALMOST have a solution to an issue, but you cannot quite grasp it. This usually means you need to be patient for a little while longer while everything falls into place.

So how can you recognise a sign? Many people worry that they will miss it.

Firstly, practice being present. If you live in the moment you will never miss spirit communing with you. If you allow your mind to dwell in the past or the future the incessant mind chatter can block out any help you are sent.

Secondly, signs are obvious in that you will get a reaction. This could be a physical feeling or sensation, an AHA moment, or a feeling of calm, as if everything is going to be OK.

The important thing is to recognise this as communication, as a sign, straight away. The mind will tend to jump in and tell you that you are wrong, or that you are not very good at this, or that you are crazy! This is when you must tell the mind that, just for today, you are going to trust in this sign and see what happens. It can’t do you any harm, after all.

Of course the more you take this course of action, the easier it becomes to recognise and trust in the signs you receive. The brain is retrained to spot them quicker, and not to get in the way!

So be present today. Be aware. And trust in the signs being sent to you. It makes life so much simpler!

Kirsten Ivatts.

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