Daily Reading for 8th May 2017 – Ceremony

Image for Ceremony card Earth Magic Oracle




Today’s card is Ceremony from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D Farmer. As you can see this card is a little bent as I spent a lot of time with it a few years ago. It was a card that kept appearing for me and I couldn’t quite grasp its meaning for me at the time.

The Ceremony card can be very literal. You may have a ceremony to attend and take part in such as a wedding, christening, Handfasting…or any other traditional type of occasion.

But more often than not this card points to a time when you need to connect more deeply to your own Soul through ritual. The image for this card is a great one to take time to explore. You can use it as a meditation and step in and ask this lady anything you like. Explore the room and all its elements, there is a lot on offer for you here.

You may have drifted away from your spiritual side, and now you are being asked to reconnect. Alot has been going on with the Earth of late that affects us. Reconnecting with your Soul, guides, Angels and Source itself can help you to cope with these changes and realign the body.


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