Daily Reading For 9th June 2017 – Open Your Heart

Today’s card is from the beautiful Natures Whispers deck by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall.

Image for Open Your Heart, Natures Whispers Oracle


Open Your Heart.


This image is very powerful to me. I am editing a novel I wrote at present and in it is a character called Eala (Gaelic for swan), who can change into a swan. In the opening scene she is dressed very much as in this image! Her character very much embodies the message of this card.

Love is a universal energy that exists everywhere. It is completely unconditional, undemanding and in no way judgemental. It differs from the egoic love that many people think of as the meaning of the word. Egoic love is a much heavier vibration and has attached to it many emotions, beliefs and a lot of conditioning!

Today you are being asked to open your heart to the universal energy of love. This is the love that we all want to receive, deeply nurturing, supportive and ultimately freeing. Allow yourself to receive love in this form. Take a moment and place both hands over the centre of your chest, breathe in deeply and imagine a rosepink light flowing into your body with the breath. Let it settle in the chest, warming it, and gradually filling it. Once the chest is full allow it to course into the rest of your body.

Take some time and just be with this imagery and feeling. Feel supported, nurtured, caressed, and buoyed on this love.

Once you feel this universal love within you let it go further and expand into your aura. Let it reach out to other people and animals that you meet today, and wrap them in an embrace. Even if you meet someone you don’t like, allow them access to this love and see them blossom and change.

You see this love doesn’t belong to you or anyone else. It is just there available to flow through you at all times, if you will allow it.

Enjoy your love filled day, and perhaps allow it to become a love filled weekend. Open your heart to all.





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