Daily Reading for 9th March 2017 – Clear Out the Old

Today’s card is Clear Out The Old  from the Natures Whispers Oracle card deck by Angela Hartfield. The illustrations are by Josephine Wall.

I used this deck a couple of days ago. Its imagery is really grabbing me at present. These are great cards to really sit and stare at as there is a lot going on in each image.


Image for Clear Out the Old

Clear Out The Old


We are living in a time of transformation. This year is a number one year in Numerology, and everyone is going to feel the call to new beginnings in some way. Many people felt the shift in January, a new energy emerging, and then everything went still again. I find myself waiting with baited breath for what comes next, all though the energies are so chaotic still, its not obvious how anything will look once they settle down.

And there is still a lot that needs doing to be ready for this transformation. On every level of our life, from the deeply spiritual to the mundane, every day, we can still clear out the old, as it shows itself. We have to be brutally honest with ourselves about what we actually want to take with us into this new beginning. We must be especially aware of habits, beliefs and emotional behaviours that trip us up and hold us back.

Of course these are often the hardest things to notice in yourself. Sometimes talking with a really good trusted friend is a good way to see yourself from a distance. But that isn’t always possible. Daily practice of simple awareness will tell us a great deal. Whether we are happy or sad, keeping a journal of our emotions and thought processes, even over a short period of time, can show us what we need to address.

The new beginnings heralded by this year are huge, transformational, things you will never go back from. So imagine if you were standing at a door with your dream life at the other side of it….what would you actually want to take with you? How much of what surrounds you physically is only there to fill some sort of gap in your life? What if life itself filled that gap?

How many of your fears could you leave behind at that door? If life was perfect, what is there to fear? How many memories, judgements, habits, beliefs, reactions, securities do you hold on to that actually hold you back.

And how many roles do you play that hide your true self?

Transformation is happening. It is an easier and quicker process when you begin to clear away anything that hides who you really are, underneath the life that has happened so far.

Why not start today?


Kirsten Ivatts.


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