Daily Reading For 9th May 2017 – Wild Spirit

Image from The Wild Kuan Yin Oracle


She Rides With Wild Spirit Unbroken.


Today’s card is from the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild with paintings by Wang Yiguang.

You are a wild spirit. No matter how often you have been told no, been suppressed by rules and regulations, been denied a right to speak your crazy beautiful truths, inside of you beats a persistent, loving force of life that will not be denied. I have been with you, my wild one, throughout every challenge to your free spirit, by your side, encouraging you to rise, believing in you. When you were shamed, denied, judged and ridiculed I was there with you, I went through it all, right along with you. I knew that the time would come when you would be ready to rise above those experiences. To realise you were stronger than them and refuse to be put down. I wanted to be there waiting for that moment, whispering encouragement directly into your heart. I knew that the wild joy in you would soon kick off shackles of shame. I knew that no amount of criticism or disrespect could ever break the spirit of your heart. I knew that even if you doubted that at times, deep inside the heart there was a spirit so wild that it could never be tamed. I know that it is only a matter of time before your wild spirit will rise and be free.’

~Alana Fairchild (from the accompanying guide book.)

Today you may find your wild spirit rising to the surface in anger or frustration at the limitations others try to impose on your life. You may feel like shouting, screaming, raging, because of the unfairness of society.

It may be that the social conditioning of religion, family, workplace or group that you are involved in makes you feel trapped, bound by too much red tape, unable to be who you really are.

You may just feel that no one understands you, and everyone is blind and deaf to your words and actions.

But there are those who hear you, and see you, and understand your own unique wild soul. There are those who love you for it.

Wild Kuan Yin loves you for it.

Angels love you for it.

The Universe loves you for it.

I love you for it.

Don’t be tamed. Yes, take time to check to see if it is your EGO that is raging because it feels judged or judging of others. If so then speak to it, sit in your heart and breathe love to it. It is probably feeling that way because its voice isn’t being heard.

If you can discern that it is your soul that feels trapped, then ask for help from Kuan Yin to find people who do resonate with you. Ask her to help you find a place to work that doesn’t limit you. Ask her to help you feel only love for those that try and condition you.

You ultimately have a choice to be Wild and Free, and no one has the power to stop you from singing your true Soul Song.


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