Daily Update for 25th May 2017 – Shifting Universes


Today’s card is Shifting Universes from the Journey of Love Oracle by Alana Fairchild with paintings by Rassoulli.


A new moon in Gemini, a new beginning, a new Universe? WoW!

This card’s message is about shifting Universes on a personal level and on the Grander scale. This is not just a change in attitude, location or job, this is a complete flip around so that you are faced with something that you would never have considered before.

This is a try something totally new and exotic type of energy. Try a totally different career, a totally different place to live, a totally different attitude to life.

And this will be echoed in the Universe, a full on shift to a new cycle, a completely different vibration.

When you pause and reflect on the magnitude of what shifting Universes actually means, the opportunities for change are huge.

The place you are trying so hard to get to? You will get there, but not by doing things as you would normally do them. Life may get chaotic for a while, and you may not know which way is up, but you have to TRUST. You are taking a leap into the unknown on every level of your being, so that you can get to the place you need to be, fully equipped to continue your journey deeper into love.





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