Hidden Beauty – Daily Reading 23rd March 2018

Today’s message is about Hidden Beauty. The card is from the Journey of Love Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild.Hidden beauty oracle card

Petals, tightly closed

You can only guess at the beauty hidden within.

Yet your vision cannot come close,

To the exquisite perfection at the heart of a flower,

And you can only wait, patiently,

For that vision to be revealed.


~Kirsten Ivatts  


What is blossoming in your life now might seem amazing, or it may seem troubling. Either way, you cannot see the bigger picture yet and you cannot possibly imagine the beauty that is coming to you. It is not a time to force an outcome, you must let nature take it’s course. If you pull the petals from a flower to reveal its centre, before it is fully grown you will be disappointed. If you allow the petals to unfold naturally, the centre of the flower will be filled with scents, and colours and be pregnant with life!



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