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In my book, How To Read Oracle Cards, there is a hints and tips chapter. It is aimed at helping you to get more from cards you draw for yourself, as well as cards in a reading done by us.

I would like to share a series of posts with you to help you understand this chapter further.

Today’s post then is all about the imagery on the cards.

There are a vast array of Oracle and Tarot cards on the market today. The majority have detailed imagery that you can use to go deeper into your own personal understanding of the cards. Images work as a kind of visual metaphor, and often use archetypes to trigger understanding at a subconscious level. It can be easy to just read the words on a card or in a guide book, but taking a bit more time to study the image can pay dividends! I thought it might be useful to give you a look at how I perceive images, to help you to do the same.

The image above is taken from The Enchanted map Deck by Colette Baron-Reid. The image is by Jena DellaGrottaglia. The card name is RESCUE.

Let’s look at the detail in this image. A woman stands in an archway, she has come out of a dark tunnel. Immediately I think, this woman has been on a long dark journey, and she has now come into the light. But what are her intentions now? The tree indicates Autumn to me, a time when the energy slows down, and begins to internalise. There is also a fungi on the picture which tells me that the leaf mould (the decaying dead matter from this woman’s travails in the dark) is actually offering the right environment for something to grow. But as this is a fungi, rather than a green shoot, what is growing is not yet ready to be shown to the world. It needs to percolate longer on the inside.

The waterfall (water is always emotion to me), tumbles over rocks. The woman’s emotions are turbulent, but they are at least being expressed rather than held on to, and the expression can lead the woman into seeing her emotions as empowering, rather than dragging her down further into the black tunnel.

The chimney is emitting smoke, that is rainbow coloured. The smoke seems to be coming from inside the darkness. Again this indicates that something positive can be gained from the darkness the woman has endured.

The balloon, floating in a blue sky, represents the world to me, a green and fertile world where anything is possible. Below it is a man holding a telescope. He isn’t looking at the woman. We can’t see what he is looking at.

Now let’s take all of that information and put it together to give us an interpretation. You can make this into a story, especially when there is a person on the picture. This often makes it more accessible to your imagination.

The woman emerged from the darkness, shaken by her experience, teetering on the edge of her emotions, feeling vulnerable and unsure. Yet beneath the surface she could feel that something had changed, even if she wasn’t sure what that was as yet. She knew that there was some enlightenment to gain from the experience.

Where the woman goes with her thoughts next, is how we get the positive and negative interpretation of the card. She could feel that she had let go of the negatives, feeling empowered and able to see a way forward in the world. In other words she could be her own rescuer. But she could also let the vulnerability get the better of her and wish for someone to come and rescue her. Yet the man in the balloon doesn’t seem to have noticed her. She is unlikely to be rescued by anyone. She must find her own way by using what she has learnt from her experience.

See how all that works?

You can go a step further. The blue sky could indicate the need for her to communicate her needs, wants, fears and what she has learnt. Communication can bring ‘AHA’ moments, as well as clearing energy that has become stuck.

The turquoise/green of the balloon could indicate the heart and upper heart chakras, and the need for an opening of the heart so that she can see what she has gained, as well as to receive love back from the world. She also needs to communicate any thoughts and feelings about love.

The orangey brown of the tree leaves point to energy stuck in the sacral centre chakra, the centre of her creativity. By meditating on this energy she will understand why she feels she needs rescuing, and she will feel empowered to find creative solutions to get her off that rock.

The rainbow smoke points to energy clearing from those blocked chakras and enlightenment being attained. It also shows a connection with the higher vibrational levels on the spiritual ladder of evolution.

So much from one image!

I hope this has given you some insight into the depths you can plunge to in a card. Do you have your own card that you would like help with? Post a photo of it on our Facebook page and we will help all we can!

If you would like to read more about using card images please let me know by commenting on this post.

Look out for more hints and tips posts coming soon!




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