How To Read Oracle Cards

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Kirsten Ivatts has written an Ebook based on the How to Read Oracle Cards Course, and it has extra content and exercises!

The course was extremely popular, and some of it’s students have gone on to offer readings themselves, including our own Wendy Bee!

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How to Read Oracle Cards not only offers an original guide to reading cards, but more importantly shows how to use the cards for self help, growth and enlightenment. It challenges many ideas regarding how you SHOULD read cards and offers instead a unique method based on modern Energy techniques. The book is based on the best selling course, How To Read Oracle Cards, and has added chapters, but retains all the exercises.

The exercises in this book will enhance your daily life and bring your intuition to the fore, while strengthening your trust muscle! Unique Spreads are offered to help you dive deep into yourself and come out with new understanding and wisdom. There is a section on how to use your gift to help others and to make money.

The book is clear and concise and will offer both beginners and more advanced card readers a wealth of information.


Praise For the Book

‘This book is an easy to use, yet deep guide to using Oracle cards as a self-help tool in everyday life.  Kirsten shares her learning from 25 years of working with Oracle cards, but where this book differs from, and improves upon, others I have read on this subject is in teaching us how to fully connect with our intuitive self to enhance our understanding of the cards, something which has grown out of her work as an Energist.  Kirsten illustrates her teachings with examples from her own experiences and sets practical exercises for the reader in each section.  She also shares different types of card spreads to try, both when doing readings for yourself and for others, as well as hints, tips and useful links. An inspiring and exciting book that provides practical and easily followed guidance on how to better understand ourselves and others using the popular and accessible divination tool of Oracle cards.’ S. Nash

‘Kirsten Ivatts came highly recommended to me, which in my heart & mind is always the best avenue.
I was having serious trouble selling my home of 18 years.  In fact, we had tried on numerous occasions to no avail. I had a couple of telephone conversations with Kirsten & couldn’t really understand why I was saying what I did.  It was like there were 3 people in the call, but within weeks I had sold the house & at a much better price.
Since then I have turned to her about work issues & choosing a new home, I continue to ask for guidance even now.  With the daily help of my Tarot cards I’m finding life less stressful. Please read through Kirsten’s new book, it does work I promise.  You must be patient, it takes time, but when it starts to work you’ll begin to wonder how you existed without the cards.   Trusting that the Universe holds the Master Plan is comforting.  The only thing you must do, is Be Kind, Be Honest, Be a Flower, not a weed & your life starts to unfold gently before your very eyes…..’
T. Measures






Your Intuitive Self.
Exercising The Trust Muscle.
How to Connect to Another’s’ Energy.
Hints and Tips
Doing Readings For Money.
Useful Information


An Introduction.


Oracle cards are becoming ever more popular and there are many decks available to us today. However, their importance as a tool for self-help is often ignored because it cannot be scientifically  proven. Oracle cards, like other divinatory tools, are written off as a game, or for entertainment only. They are not taken seriously, and you may find you hide your interest in them for fear of being laughed at.  I say, don’t laugh at something’s effectiveness without trying it first.

We live in a stressed out world, where mental health, which should really be termed emotional health, is a vast problem and a drain on health systems, not to mention companies who pay out an ever growing amount of money in sick pay to people with stress related illnesses. Many approaches to deal with it act as a band aid at best, and there are very few that actually have any effect on a person’s long term recuperation. There is a reason for this. Most don’t offer a person the understanding they need to see themselves and the world around them differently. And many approaches stop short of the one big part of being human that science cannot prove – the Soul.

Spirituality and soul based living are not a religion. They are a delving inward, deep into your own being, and going out the other side into a Universe of energy where you are never alone, and are always connected to love. That journey, is one the Soul attempts to take, yet the human ego, entrenched in a controlled society, blocks it at every turn. Why? Because it seems a scary path to travel. And what gain is there? It won’t make you a living, put food on the table, provide for the family. It won’t help you survive. And where is the proof that this inner journey is anything more than just imagination? Ever thought those things, or had them told to you?

Let me tell you now, those are short sighted and ignorant ways of thinking. By knowing yourself you will enjoy life, because you will see it as a game of experiences and challenges, that are there for you to GAIN from (yes, even the ‘bad’ ones), and you will have no fear of what lies beyond this life as you will already have experienced some of it by going in, through, and out the other side of your own existence into the energy of all there is. So yes, it will help you survive. It will help you put food on the table, provide for your family, often in miraculous and magical ways!

This isn’t something you can do overnight, it is something you do lifetime after lifetime. But the point is you can connect to the energies of the Universe, be they Angels, guides, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses, animals, or loved ones, by using oracle cards to open that channel that exists in everyone, because you are part of it all. Yes, you are the same energy as an Angel, or a Goddess. The only difference is, you vibrate at a slower frequency. Enlightenment raises the energy frequency. Never feel guilty about asking for help, because you are never separate, or less than these higher energies. They are you, in a different form.

And they are all there waiting to offer you help and support. They won’t scold you or judge you, but will help you understand who you are, why you are here, and what to do to move forward in your life and not get stuck in a loop. They will console you with a vast and beautiful unconditional love. When you are distraught or sad, they will offer you insight into why those around you may act in ways contrary to how you think they should behave.

And there is another being that these cards offer you a connection to, the most important one of all. Your Soul, your higher self. The one who planned this journey and who you are at your core. All those other energies are just a vaster part of you, and you reach them through your own unique creative self.

I offer you this book as a guide to using oracle cards in a way that can benefit your own journey, as well as the journeys of those around you. You can also use it to learn a skill to earn you an income. There are exercises in the first three chapters and completing them in order is necessary to get the most from them. The most challenging part of reading the cards is listening to your intuition and trusting what comes to you. My course and this book centre around those two important areas.


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