Tree of Life Reading


This is an in depth 10 card reading for those times when you need to take stock of your life. It is delivered as a full colour pdf.


A Tree of Life spread is an indepth reading offering you a greater understanding of your life, and how you affect it.

The spread uses 10 cards and a significator (that represents you), and is read from the bottom (roots), upwards.

Card “S” – The Significator

This card represents the querent and should be chosen from amongst the Kings, Queens, Knights, or Pages.

Card 1 – Aims or Ideals.

This card represents what the querent would like to achieve.

Card 2 – Influences.

What is influencing the situtation.

Card 3 – General Nature.

This is the general nature of the question; it defines it more completely.

Card 4 – The Key.

This may be something that the querent osn’t seeing; it is the key to the answer to the question or how to resolve the situation, or how to achieve what the querent is attempting to achieve.

Card 5 – Influences of the Present.

Influences on the situation or question from present circumstances that the querent nees to take into account for this reading.

Card 6 – Influences of the Future.

These will be things the querent will want to look out for.

Card 7 – Effect of the Significator.

This is the effect that the significator (the querent) has on the situation.

Card 8 – Effect of the Environment.

The effect that the people around the querent have on the situation, as well as other things surrounding the querent.

Card 9 – Hopes and Fears.

These are things that the querent maybe fears will happen or hops will happen with the situation.

Card 10 – The Final Outcome.

The ultimate answer to the querent’s question.


Layout of Tree of Life Spread

Sephiroth image

This is a traditional Tarot Spread, but can be used with Oracle Cards too.

Buy this reading when you are struggling to see clearly what is happening in your life.

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