Reading for Week of 26th February 2018

Hello everyone, it’s Wendy Bee back! I want to thank you all for the kind wishes for a speedy recovery and to Kirsten for stepping in to give you a reading. I’m still not fully mended, but feeling so much better than this time last week. I just need to keep looking after myself!
I was guided very strongly to choose Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light cards for us this week. Strong energies, asking us to dig deep, so let’s see what the cards have to say to us. It is a general reading for everyone, and for entertainment purposes only!

WHITE EAGLE – Ancestor Spirit. Connect to your lineage. A family wound or pattern can be healed now.

This is a challenging card as it’s asking us to hold space for ourselves and clear space of past misunderstanding or pain to allow us to manifest what we want to take its place. It all about clearing away to mend any family blocks in our lives and dump any baggage we’ve carried through this and other lifetimes. This can be an emotional exercise as we are being asked to let go of some painful, supressed memories. Life is too short to let past experiences hold us back or make an excuse for us not moving forward to the life we want for ourselves. It is a case of saying “no” to our ego and saying, “I refuse to be a victim”. People make the best decisions they can at any given time. The fact it might not have been the best for us cant be changed. But how we react to it is what is important.
We’re being asked to choose to forgive any past wrongs against us, so that we can move forward without their weight dragging us backwards into the past. Forgive because it’s good for us, not because we condone bad choices of the other person. They have to deal with that themselves when karma comes calling! Say out loud, “For me I forgive you of anything you’ve done that hurt me,” then let it all go. Feel the lightness on your shoulders and don’t return to the pain. It stays firmly in the past. Finished.
There could be a familial pattern of a certain behaviour that needs addressing and breaking so it’s not carried on through generations to come. Choose to be the one who says “ No, enough!” White Eagle helps us connect to our family spirit, to tell us all is well and is working with you to help clear your spirit of the weight you’ve been carrying. I hope you can hear his drum holding space for you, clearing away all that doesn’t support your Happiness and Life Path.

GAIA – Earth Connection. Be mindful of the planet. Come back to Earth. Stay grounded.

After the emotional, highly-charged beginning of the week, Gaia, Mother Earth, is asking us all to dig deep into the comfort of her protection and hold space for ourselves to stay strong, focussed and loving. Stay grounded and do not let our ego, fears, worries take a grip and hold us back again.
We are being surrounded by her motherly love, helping us heal from disconnect and dis-ease in our lives. Gaia brings in the healing needed from the pain we worked through at the beginning of the week so we can go forward in a loving way. Loving to those who hurt us in the past but still mean a lot to us, and loving ourselves for forgiving and letting it all go.
Gaia honours mothers and thanks them for all the hard work they put into their families. This is especially poignant as Mothers’ Day is fast approaching in the UK. So a big loving hug from Mother Earth to all mothers in all the different roles they have and to the wonderful women and men who step in to be the mother figure to children and families who need the softer feminine energies so much.

SERAPIS BEY – Ascension. Move into your true self. Rise above the darkness – the Light is here.

What a week! From the beginning of the week we had to do the hard, emotional work of letting go. The middle of the week we retreated and grounded ourselves in the loving arms of mother energies to recover and regroup. Now Serapis Bey asks us to rise above all that has happened, all the feelings we had to process, and to see the higher perspective. That there IS light at the end of the tunnel. You’ve been low, dragged down by the weight on your shoulders, but here is a new beginning. It’s time for you to come out of your cocoon and grow into the butterfly you were always destined to be. Cherish this time and be proud of how far you have come, your many achievements and how loved you are by the people who mean the most to you. You are being supported to ascend both personally and spiritually at this time, be very proud of yourself and enjoy every minute!

Thank you so much for joining me for the reading this week. There are still a couple of days to make the most of my February special offer! A new one will start at the beginning of March, so keep an eye out for that at
I’d love to hear your feedback, please feel free to share, and have a fantastic week!

Wendy Bee

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