Reading for the Week Beginning 5th March 2018

Oracle Reading 5th March

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well, at peace with yourselves and feeling loved. The reading this week is asking us to dig deep again and to look within to receive all the abundance around us. I was guided to use one of my favourite deck of cards, Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray. It is the deck I’ll be using for my March special offer. I hope you’ve seen details of that on the Indigo Readings page. You can also order it in the shop here.
Here we go with this week’s reading. We have an extra card that popped out for us this week, so please read right to the end of the reading for it!


“Thank you CHAMUEL for removing the barriers around my heart.”

Every day is an opportunity to show love and to be loved. As we all know, everything is purely about love. However, our Ego, that loud voice in our head, drowning out the voice of our Heart, puts up barriers that stop us giving our love in case we’re rejected and hurt. That, in turn, blocks all the love we crave from entering in. It’s part of being human! We’re our own worst enemies. We are too good at finding all the small, niggly things that annoy us about someone, or find the tiny faults to make the excuse not to have a relationship or to break off a relationship instead of looking at all the wonderfully obvious gifts of love we’re being offered instead. CHAMUEL is asking us to tell our egos to be quiet and allow ourselves to love and be loved in all the wonderfully diverse ways it comes to us. We all deserve to be loved, so let it in, wallow in the fabulous feeling of being loved by all those you care for the most. By living purely in love, you attract even more in, you can see it so much more clearly, and you’re open to welcoming it in to fill your tanks up!



“Thank you, Angels, today I choose to trust my intuition and your guidance.”

Again, our Angels are asking us to dig deep and go within. To put our Ego to one side and listen to our intuition, our gut feelings. What we FEEL about a situation is usually absolutely correct but we let ourselves or even worse, other people, talk ourselves out of the correct solution. We can feel, but we sometimes don’t TRUST our intuition. This card is saying TRUST, it absolutely the right way to go!
By trusting your Soul’s voice, you will always be choosing what is right for YOUR life path, not what someone else thinks is best for you! Stick to your truth, let your intuition guide you to what is for your highest good. Always trust, as sometimes the choices you make might not be easy. But always know that your Angels are there supporting and guiding you at a every step.


“Thank you URIEL for helping me to share my light with the World.”

What a lovely way to finish the week after looking within and finding your truth. Having dug deep to let the love flow, then trusting the guidance of your heart, you’re being asked to share your love, share your talents, share your wisdom with all that you know. Don’t hide yourself away from the World, speak your truth, share your gifts, you are a beacon of light, so fill wherever you go with positivity and great energy so that everyone will feel and benefit from your beautiful, loving presence.


“Thank you GABRIEL for helping me to speak with integrity,”

So just to underline the flow of the cards this week, we’re being told to be honest about what we want and what we need. Get real. Ask for what you need from others, you’d be happy to give them what they need! So be honest with yourself and with those around you don’t hold anything in….If you feel you need to share something, then now is the time to do it. Tell someone you love them, ask for space to yourself from your demanding family, do what is right for you and speak with integrity. GABRIEL is encouraging you to go through the process of what the cards are asking of us this week and she (or he, if that’s how you connect with Gabriel) will completely support us in speaking our truth.

Wow, what a beautiful week of self exploration we have ahead. Really digging deep and finding what it is we really want for ourselves and then DOING it! Talk the talk AND walk the walk!

Thank you for joining me for your weekly reading. I’d be delighted to do a personal reading for you if you feel you could do with some guidance right now, or are just curious to know what your Angels need to say to you at the moment! Details of my March offer are to be found on my page.

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