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7 of Arrows from the WildWood Tarot


I have had to take a bit of time off. Sometimes Life gets tough. I won’t go into any details as they are personal, and not just to myself, but the last two and a half weeks have been the toughest I have ever had to face. And even tougher for someone I love.

This is the first day I have felt up to posting, and I hope to continue the Daily Readings, but if I miss a day or two, know I will be back, I am just taking the time I need to replenish myself on every level.


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I wanted to share with you how Oracle Cards help when life challenges us. So today there is no daily reading.

I have always believed that Oracle Cards are a fantastic tool for Soul development, Self development, support, Guidance and healing, as well as a voice for our own higher self and any guides, angels or spirits that have a message for us.

So many of you believe you cannot ‘hear’ messages from those that LOVE you unconditionally, beyond the physical realm. You believe that it takes people with a gift to bring those messages to you. But this is not true. That is why Oracle cards are SO Important, and so misunderstood. They are an open door to the information, support and guidance you need, and they are always available, and ANYONE can use them.

For many years, when I was learning through reading and experimentation, how to read Tarot, Ogham and Oracle Cards, I believed that you have to be in a calm state to draw the cards. It irked me that when I needed the cards most, I thought I shouldn’t use them.

I discovered, however, that this isn’t entirely true. You can ask for help from the cards WHENEVER it is needed, no matter what emotional state you are in. The only caution is how you interpret the message. Often though, the message is one of extreme comfort, right when you need it.

Any card drawn, when in a state of fear, sadness, negativity, should be left around throughout the day so that as your state changes, you can glean more from the message. Don’t take your first interpretation, especially if it could have negative connotations, to be the one you need to hear.

Our Higher Self, and those in the higher realms LOVE us. They wish to support us, and will leap at the chance to communicate through the cards. Remember this if your first interpretation seems negative.


The best way to ask for help


Here are the words I always use when asking for help through the cards. They are especially important when you are feeling down.


I ask for guidance today in unconditional love and for the highest good of all. I ask that this guidance make sense to me, and comes from the highest possible source that can help me now.


I say these words out loud as I shuffle the deck. I then place the deck down in front of me and cut where it feels right to do so. Sometimes it feels right to cut more than one card, and sometimes a card leaps ut when shuffling. All the cards are relevant.

Often the cards will offer comfort AND will show you how you may be looking at the situation wrongly, or how it is only how you feel that makes life seem hard. It may be you can’t take this information in because you are just too stressed, so write it down to look at when you feel calmer.


Image of Sacred Sherpa Guides You Beyond


I have certain decks that I use when I am in need of deep spiritual help, that will boost my physical, emotional and mental well being. They are the only decks I use at these times and they are my dearest friends. Some decks just don’t offer me anything at such times. Or what they do offer comes across as too negative. I put this down to the overall energy of the deck that is created by the person who wrote the deck in the first place. This doesn’t mean their energy is wrong, it just means it isn’t vibrating at the same frequency as my own, and so I find it harder to go as deep with such decks.

You will need to experiment and rely on intuition to guide  you to a deck that can really help you in times of need. But you will find one that resonates with you.


I hope this offers you some help, for if or when you need it. My cards are a resource that I find it hard to be without. They are a reassurance, a supporting hand, and offer wisdom, when my own wisdom seems far away.


Blessings of love to you all,


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