Weekend Reading 10th March 2017- Ascended Masters

Today I have a three card Ascended Masters Reading for the weekend. This is a classic Doreen Virtue deck, and is one that I often guide beginners towards.


Image of three ascended Masters cards

This weekend seems to have a relationship theme. Paravati and Krishna have a connection with mountains which may mean that you can move mountains this weekend in your love life, or even that a break to the mountains may bring more love to a flagging or new relationship. Have fun, be positive, and LOVE!

Friday- Paravati- Positive change


Paravati is a Hindu Goddess of the feminine side of LOVE. Parvati’s story encompasses every aspect of love, and lets us know that there is always a way for positive change to happen.

Women are creative in how they love and want to be loved. They are very good at hunting out solutions to any problems that occur to create the change needed to set love on the right course.

Men can do this too, but it does mean contacting the softer, more nurturing side of their nature, and so it is more likely that men over look the subtleties of love and loving.

But whether you are male or female Parvati offers a chance today for some positive changes, especially in your relationships. She reminds you that change doesn’t always happen over night, so asks for some patience, and encourages you to keep on taking baby steps in the direction you want love to go. The time for procrastination is over.

If you have your eyes on a new love, tonight may be the time to make your move!


saturday-Krishna-find the blessing


Krishna is a supreme being in the Hindu religion. He is often portrayed as a boy or youth and this weekend I feel he asks you to be playful, have fun, and of course, look for the blessings in your current situation. Perhaps love seems far away, or last night didn’t go as planned! But that doesn’t mean it must ruin today.

Energy flow keeps us happy. By focusing on all that seems bad in our life we don’t allow ourselves happiness. So today, lift your spirits by looking at what you DO have.

Apply this advice especially to your relationships. When we are close to someone we can forget all of the good things they do for us, the good times we have had together and all that they offer to us. The jewel of love at the heart of the relationship can become tarnished over time, until we find it hard to see even a glint of it.

Krishna asks you to remember that jewel, search for it, and perhaps even polish off the murkiness. Underneath you may be surprised how beautiful it is.




Aengus is an old Irish Member of the Tuatha Dé Danann and a God of love.

I want to clear up what a Twin flame is here and how it differs to a soul mate. A soul mate is someone that is either part of your soul family, or someone you have known in a past life,who you made a plan with for this lifetime. This plan involved a lesson to be learnt through relationship, romantic or platonic, or the repayment of a Karmic debt.

A Twin Flame is one soul that splits in two in order to learn more about itself and see itself through its own eyes. Again this is a learning relationship, so that the soul comes to know itself better than before and see its good and bad sides.

While everyone yearns for either of these types of relationships, they both come with their challenges. The difference seems to be that a twin flame relationship is less likely to break apart once you have found each other, even when the going gets tough. However a soul mate relationship (of which you may have many), can break apart once the lessons have been learnt, although that is not always the case!

Aengus appearing on Sunday indicates that whoever you have been spending your weekend loving is one or the other of these types of relationships. Any challenges from Saturday can be viewed today as lessons to learn that will strengthen the relationship and help you to see that jewel of love that shines between you both.

If the relationship is a new one, it is likely to be long lasting. If it is a long standing relationship, it is reaching a new level or understanding.


Have a great weekend. Have fun, Love…a lot! See you on Monday!


Kirsten Ivatts.

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