Weekend Reading 17th March 2017 – Protection

Today’s card reading covers the weekend and offers Protection. It comes from the beautiful Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild. The images are by Jane Marin.


Image Tara and Tibetan Quartz


Goddess Tara and tibetan quartz


‘We bring you the empowerment of her eye ever open. The divine protection around you is absolute and complete. Your simple request for the Universal Mother to watch over you, and to protect what has meaning for you, allows you to live your life, do your work, and know the most powerful one is caring for your wellbeing on all levels. You can trust, be free from worry, and remain open to the world with joy in your heart.’

Tara is a Hindu Goddess who offers complete protection to all who call upon her. But today, being St. Patrick’s day, coupled with my Irish roots, Tara in Eire sprung to mind. This ancient site of Irish Kings is an important connection to the Divine Feminine, the energy of the land, and one of the Earths major power centres.

Tara is under threat of destruction by the M3 motorway, and I feel very much that this card has come from the great Tibetan/Hindu Mother Goddess Tara, as a reminder of how the power of prayer can change and protect not only the Souls of people but also the Soul of the land. Even though this road runs very close to important monuments, we can pray that the energy lines and the flow of energy is not disrupted.

As a Druidess, I have seen many similarities between our old philosophies and religions in Great Britain, and that of Hinduism and I believe there are common roots to both.

Of course there are many ancient sites under threat in our world that contain important historical relics, or are powerful centres of energy integral to the Earth’s health. This weekend I ask you all to pray to Goddess Tara, or hold Tibetan Quartz in meditation, and ask that she protects these places, and the people that are trying to stop their destruction.

Tara also offers you her protection this weekend. Speak to her if you feel any negative energy taking over. This may come from outside of you, but may also come from your own self judgement and criticism. Let Tara lift it from you so that your weekend is full of fun, laughter and joy!


May the blessing of light be on you—
light without and light within.
May the blessed sunlight shine on you
and warm your heart
till it glows like a great peat fire. 

Sláinte mhaith!

Kirsten Ivatts.

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