Weekly Reading for 19th February 2018

The weekly reading today is brought to you by Kirsten, using the Enchanted Map Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid. Wendy Bee is unwell at present and we ask if you can all send prayers and healing for her swift recovery.

Monday and Tuesday



The first part of the week may see things unravelling. Relationships with others may take an unexpected turn, or this may indicate a tearing apart within yourself between the masculine and feminine aspects, or the soul and ego.

It is important to remember that any change, however bad it seems when you encounter it, is for your highest good. Without change life becomes stagnant.

Relationships end, but they also reform in new ways, or with new people. Trust that whatever is coming apart in your life at present is needed.


Wednesday and Thursday



This card seems to say that what ever has come apart, will bring sadness. It may do. But any sadness may be because you are suffering over your own suffering.

Often we feel life has treated us unfairly, and we see all the supposed negatives. This means we are missing seeing the positives that change brings us. Think back to other times in your life when things seemed to be going wrong and look at the outcomes. Change leads to new pathways opening up, and the signs of these new pathways are all around you, including within the sadness. Feel any sadness, regret or disappointment, but with the intention of letting it go. You deserve happiness, and it will come.


Friday, saturday and sunday


The weekend sees a much welcome change. You can see the signs of where you need to go, the Universe is the Mother nudging you in the right direction, towards your dreams. She is supporting and nurturing you as you tentatively step forward on a new path.

Notice the numbers on the last two cards. 45 and 54. They have flipped. They both add up to number 9, a number about finishing up a phase in your life, but in this card they are showing the way to a new beginning.

The Universe has our back. Trust, try to see the positives, and take any step you can in the direction your heart shows you.


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