Weekly reading for 22nd January 2018

Hello everyone! I hope the week has started well for you and you’re as happy as I am to see what the cards have to say to us this week. The deck I’ve been guided to is one of my favourites, Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray and artwork by Lily Moses. Let’s see!



KALI MA – Facing Fear

“Major spiritual changes are unfolding. This is your chance to soar”.

At first glance, this card may seem intimidating with the skulls and snake-like hair of Kali Ma, but this is a card that carries such hope and positivity for the future. Look at the beautiful, red, blooming hibiscus flowers, the flames gently burning at her throat and her third eye taking in the lessons of the Universe. If that doesn’t show the strong Divine feminine we all need , women and men alike, and the loving energy and hope for the future, I don’t know what does!


KALI MA is the Hindu goddess of death and rebirth. Old cycles come to an end so that new experiences can come in. She gives us the loving energy that clears away any energies of fear. We can be brave now, look our fears in the eye and make the choice to move away from them. How often do we feel paralysed by fear of the unknown and find we’re stuck right where we are? This card is telling us that we are brave and full of courage to let go of what holds us back and to create the space for new, exciting, loving experiences to enter our lives.

Release your fear, close the door to the past (it has happened and can’t be changed) and move forward into the next phase of your life with the courage you have always possessed. Change is a natural part of life…..trust and go with the flow knowing it’s right for you.



EL MORYA – Awakening Presence.

“The Universe is with you. Wear a cloak of protection and love.”

This gorgeous, supportive card follows on from Kali Ma, with gentler energy to help us remove any negative, lower energies that do not serve us. This is a message telling us to let go and truly BE ourselves, the truest part of ourselves that is connected to and listens to our soul.

El Morya and all of our angels want us to know that we are protected, just wrap that beautiful cloak around you and feel it’s reassuring presence. Now we need to ground ourselves in our truth and let go of the dramas, people, places and negative emotions that are holding us back. It is ok to let go and politely say goodbye when any relationship has come to its natural conclusion. Its ok to move from a job that no longer excites and challenges you. It is ok to move from a family home when the children have left to make their own lives.

So again, we can face our fears knowing that we are protected and can connect to our true selves and the energies that support our growth and happiness, always.



HOLY AMETHYST- Divine Alchemy

“Move beyond current challenges. Focus on what you desire.”

Like last week’s reading on our Facebook page, the energies seem to flow beautifully through these cards. Holy Amethyst is the twin flame of Archangel Zadkiel and helps us learn from negative experiences in a loving, nurturing way. We learn so much from things that cause us pain or confusion. Holy Amethyst helps to smooth the way.

Having let go of fear, the lower energies holding us back, this weekend is the time for us to fill that space with more positive, purposeful energies and experiences. At this time, in the Northern Hemishphere, we start to think about spring cleaning! Let’s think of clearing out not only the junk in our physical lives, but also have spiritual and emotional clear outs as well. Let’s move on from heavy emotional ties that only serve to make us unhappy or hold us back from what we desire.

Let It Go…yes that song is in my head and yours too probably, sorry about that!  But it’s true, just let what no longer serves go. We are the magic that can make the changes in our lives. So let’s dream big, THINK, TALK, DO and BE all that we wish for. Leave behind the fear, embrace the new beginnings and let our lives flourish in the way that we always wanted for ourselves.


Have an amazing week. I’d love to hear your feedback. Please share this reading so we can reach out and spread these loving messages to as many people as we can.

Thank you, Wendy Bee

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