Weekly Reading 29th January

It’s a BIG week coming up with the Super Blood Moon, lunar eclipse on the 31st of this month. No wonder the Archangels needed to talk with us this week! Energies will be highly charged and it could be a challenging time for us, but an exciting time too.

Quickly looking at the three cards together, I can see how the week will pan out….were going to need to Breathe by next weekend, we’ve a lot to do!


ARCHANGEL URIEL- Claircognizance.

Of all out in-built psychic abilities, (yes, we all have them,) Claircognizance is the one we feel most readily. It’s our gut instinct, our inner voice talking to us. All too often it is ignored as our ego self takes over and shouts down the wee voice of love, truth and guidance for the more “but I want” voice of ego! Yes, our inner voice, or soul voice, often tells us difficult truths that we don’t want to hear, it may guide us to take the more difficult of options, but Archangel Uriel is telling us to listen to our thoughts and ideas as they are our answered prayers coming to us. They will lead us onto the right life path. With any full moon, we are encouraged to let go of all the lower energies and things that no longer serve us. So use this opportunity, when your thoughts are highly tuned into the higher energy frequencies, to take note of repetitive thoughts or signs. Then ACT upon them. Out with the old, create space for the new!



ARCHANGEL ARIEL – Spread your Wings!

Having dumped all the lower energies at the beginning of the week and started the “spring clean” of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, it’s time to start thinking about what serves us for the best. What we want from our lives, what’s best for us! Change can be daunting, as we like our routines and comfort zones, that’s all to do with our ego, so let’s start afresh! We now have space for the new!

Welcome in new opportunities and know that you’re being guided to follow your heart and dreams. Stay with the people who support you with love, support, kindness and try to avoid those who question and find the negatives. Remember this is YOUR life, your happiness, your decisions to make. By living a life true to yourself you can inspire others to do the same.

So, put on your Wings and off you go. Don’t let anyhing stop you!




Thank goodness for the gentler, softer, more healing energies of Archangel Raphael. In our busy, stressful lives we often forget to breathe! We take shallow breaths that just don’t get the oxygen to our organs that we need to function properly. When we consciously take time to ourselves to say to our body, BREATHE, we naturally slow down, we take in deeper breaths and we give our brain a little time to stop and find the space it needs. We can’t be anxious or depressed when we are concentrating on our breath. It centres us, grounds us and brings us to a state of peace. If this resonates with you, maybe think about taking up yoga, or find a meditation or mindfulness app for your phone. It only takes a small time out of your day to catch your breath and connect back to yourself again.

So this weekend, try to get out into nature, into the fresh air and enjoy every molecule of oxygen in your body, mending it, boosting it, loving it. Water connects us with better air quality too, so a walk near water, or even taking a relaxing bath or shower can help us focus on our breath and give our mind and body the peace and quiet it needs and deserves. Relax, enjoy!


I hope you enjoy this week and all that it brings for you! Thank you for the lovely comments I receive from you. Keep them coming as it’s always great to know these readings are giving you messages you find helpful.  Please like and share.  Love Wendy Bee xx

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This week’s reading was taken from Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

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