Weekly Reading for 5th February 2018

I love the flow of energy we are getting with the weekly readings. It shows how, in the ebb and flow of life, our Angels know exactly the type of energy we need at any given time to achieve the sense of peace and happiness we all strive for.
This week’s reading is no exception. I’ve been guided to use Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers Cards this week.
SHINE YOUR LIGHT, BALANCE and SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE have popped out for us this week. So let’s have a closer look at what our Angels want is to know.



After such a highly charged time energetically over the last few weeks, now it’s time to settle! We’re blessed to receive this card, as Archangel Uriel is asking us to bring everything back to us again. Go inside and nurture our gifts and talents, “shine our light”.
Now’s the time to start sharing and being of service to the people around us . If we sing, sing for our families or join a choir; if it’s art, share our creations with a wider audience; if it’s a talent for cookery, have that dinner party! Whatever your gift, however small or insignificant you think it is, now is the time to share it. In giving, we will receive a wonderful surge of loving support and feel that our gifts are giving back to us as well! So feel the call and know Uriel is shining his light to help us all on our way!



HOWEVER! We need to learn to get the balance between giving and receiving!
If we are people pleasers and give of ourselves so much that we lose ourselves, then that just won’t work for us! Trying to be everywhere at once, and everything to everyone makes us out of synch and we can feel resentful towards those we’re trying to please! It’s so important to step back and assess if everything we do is from love or from our ego. We all like to have some control over our lives, but with that comes expectation and too often disappointment.
Now is the time to take that step back and do what Uriel is asking which is to do what gives us joy and gives joy to those around us. Balance out what doesn’t serve us and let go of the people pleasing, ego-driven “giving” aspects of out lives. Embrace serving others with what gives us joy and fills up our energy tanks too.
We can all balance our home, work, family and social lives so that we can feel strong, healthy and empowered. Joy will naturally follow.


Friday/Saturday /Sunday…SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE

So if you’ve followed Uriel’s advice, started shining your light, managed to balance giving with receiving, all the joys of spiritual abundance will come your way!
Abundance can manifest in many different forms, not only money. Money is only energy, it gives us the means to shine our light and live our truth, so not a badness! It’s ok to ask for financial security!
But abundance can come in having more quality family time, finding a fabulous group to share your talents or interests with, friends coming to help you when you’re overwhelmed and struggling. Anything good that comes our way is spiritual abundance. The more we feel gratitude in out hearts for what we have rather than what we lack, the happier our lives will be. Anything more is a bonus.
This card is telling us we’re spiritually blessed and the more we share our blessings the more space there is to receive more.


What a fabulous message for the week. I’m feeling energised and ready to go already! I must admit I’ve felt guided to do more of these readings and already I’m feeling a huge input of love and support from all you lovely people reading and sending me back your feedback. I’m truly blessed to have you around. I’m going to keep Shining My Light and hope it makes a difference to your happiness too.
I can serve you by doing individual readings (a big thank you to those of you who have asked I the last couple of weeks, they’ve been interesting and so life affirming for me and hopefully you too!) so sign up at http://indigoreadings.com/wendy-bee if you’d like one too. I have a range of different readings, but can find the right reading for you once we’ve been in contact.

Have a wonderful week finding the balance between giving and receiving this week and I’ll see you next week to see what our Angels have to say to us.
Wendy Bee


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