Weekly reading for week beginning 12th February 2018

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend and are rested and ready to start the new week!
Being a farmer’s daughter, I have always been drawn to all the beauty that nature provides and the turning of the seasons. All too often we take it all for granted. But I must admit after illness struck me, I take more time to properly look at a beautiful, wee flower, watch the hoverflies or bees going about their work and admiring the splendour of the mighty trees that have seen generations of people sit under their green canopy of leaves. You can’t beat it, and you can’t beat the energy top up you get walking barefooted out in Nature!
I was drawn to the beautiful cards I’m using this week, Nature’s Whispers by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall, as the artwork is exquisite and shares the beauty and mystery of nature. There are so many little things to find in Josephine’s pictures! The cards are new to me, but I love the fresh energy they give off, and the beautiful life-affirming messages they bring to us.



I know it’s approaching Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but that means it’s Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere! A bountiful harvest is important all year round somewhere on the Globe! What you sow in Spring, you reap in Autumn, and so the natural cycle keeps going.
This card reminds us, that to reap the wonderful abundance all around us, just waiting for us to claim and enjoy, we must sow our positive intentions or prayers and then allow ourselves to be open to receive. Abundance only comes when we ask for it, keep open minded and positive and recognise that we’re being shown the way to receiving all that we wish for.
As with crops of vegetables or fruit, you sometimes get an oddly shaped fruit you weren’t expecting, but it still tastes as sweet! Our wishes may not come in the form we’d hoped, but our Angels know better and give us what we really need to be happy.
So get sowing your intentions because your Angels are saying it’s all there ready for you to receive it when the time is right.


Now’s the time to get your things in order! Spring or Autumn clean, do the paperwork that’s been building up, start that project, or finish that project you’ve been planning for ages!
Yes, there could be a big change coming your way. You already know this in your Heart but fear of change or failure is blocking your way! This should be an exciting new beginning for you. It could be the chance of promotion at work, moving house, starting a new job, or retiring, a new relationship, deciding to start a family or get a new pet, whatever IT is, you already know it’s coming.
So hopefully you put out your positive intentions at the beginning of the week, your Angels are telling you to prepare now. Clear out the old, ready to let the new, exciting energies into your life. Notice the signs you’re receiving and walk through the door of opportunity and ENJOY the next part of your life experience!


After all the practicalities of your guidance at the beginning if the week, you’re now being asked to go within. This isn’t taking a step back to look at where your life is now, and where it could be heading. No, your Angels are asking you to look from above. Gain a higher level of thinking about what you truly want from your life. To rise above the petty squabbles we get embroiled in, to see past our shortcomings and look from a completely serene, positive viewpoint way above the busyness of modern life.
Pretend you’re a beautiful bird (you choose your favourite), climb on its back and let it take you way up, soaring into the blue skies. Look down at how small our lives are way down on the ground. How we’re like busy ants constantly about our work and survival, when really we can be soaring way up above all of the “stuff”, be it material or emotional.
Your Angels are saying take time this weekend to detach from the busy stuff and really focus on the higher perspective. Your Mind will fill with peace and you’ll see what truly matters to you and the beauty of your life.

What a lovely week we have ahead of us! I hope we all have a productive time and have peace at the weekend to detach a bit!
Thank you for all the lovely comments and messages I receive from you all. They are my Abundance! Knowing people are enjoying these readings makes me so happy and fulfilled, I’m truly blessed.
So please keep liking and commenting. If you can, please share this post as well!
Keep a look out for my new offer on readings next Month. I’ve been delighted to do Quick Readings for lots of you recently, that offer is still on till the end of this month! Hurry if you’ve been thinking about it, February is a short month!

See you next week, love Wendy Bee 🐝

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