Wild Kuan Yin Oracle Card Reading for February 23rd 2017

Today’s card is drawn from the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild. The beautiful artwork is by Wang Yiguang. The part of the reading in italics is from the guide book. The rest of the interpretation is by Kirsten Ivatts.

Image of Sacred Sherpa Guides You Beyond

12. Sacred Sherpa Guides You Beyond


I am calling you to me. You will not find me on the path that you know. You must meet me at the edge of your world and mine, upon the sacred mountain. So I am sending you a guide, an emissary of love, who will lead you beyond the known path, and show you the way to the sacred mountain. There we shall be together. I will share such sweetness with you, such beautiful light and loving wisdom. You shall know more peace in your heart and trust in life than ever before. I shall bestow upon you a gift of grace that is far beyond the capacity of words to express. I shall reveal myself to you and you shall know me to be one with your loving wild heart. Come to me and receive the gift I hold in grace for you.

Many times in life we find that the path we were on comes to a stop. Either nothing goes right, or it disappears altogether. It can lead us looking around in bewildered disbelief. We wonder, what now? Why? How? And then we ask

‘Where next?’

This is one of those times. You may have thought that your direction was set, the wind was in your sails, and life was going along smoothly. But then the wind dropped, and now you find yourself in a pool of still water, not even knowing which direction is the right one. You are probably trying to figure out what you did wrong, when you took a wrong turn. At the same time panic may be setting in. This is not a good time for you to just come to a halt. You have much to do, plans are in motion, and action is needed.

It may be that you have been on this path for a long time, or you may be trying something new. Either way Kuan Yin, with all her wildest Divine force has placed a massive stop sign right in front of you and she says

‘You can go no further on this road.’

But before you start tearing out your hair in frustration, listen.

You cannot see the bigger picture of your life. Your viewpoint is limited. Kuan Yin knows where you WANT to get to, and she KNOWS that this path will not get you there. She can see where it leads. You cannot.

So she is sending you a guide, to show you another way. This way will get you to where you want to go, more quickly and easily and bring you far greater riches along the way. The guide will show up as a person, opportunity, or idea, quite out of the blue. And you are asked, to simply, TRUST.

Trust that this new way is correct.

It may not seem so. It may seem that the life you had planned, the career, or the ideas you have had for years, are being stripped away and something totally different is coming in its place. And you may think you are being ridiculous, or stupid to throw away years of your life, just because you have encountered this stop sign. You may instead try and work around this sign, wracking your brain to find a way to get to the other side.

Leave your brain out of it.

Instead, just STOP. BREATHE. REST. And then LISTEN. Underneath all of that mind talk your heart is whispering. It is excited by this Sacred Sherpa, this new opportunity. It would very much like to have a look down that different path.

Perhaps your heart is the Sacred Sherpa. Working on behalf of the Divine, in cooperation with your Soul, to bring you loving grace. To show you….

For you there is a better way.



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